Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Setting Goals

A good friend recently told me that I needed to set some real goals. Not just a daily to-do list, but goals for my future. It's been difficult for me to see beyond the day to day and think about having a future due to the severity of my migraines. It's too easy to let the "monster" and accompanying depression keep us from making and reaching goals, so we need to take large goals and break them into smaller achievable ones.

It's a coincidence that I have been struggling with setting goals for myself and the topic of the latest publication of LifeWorks is titled "Setting Goals To Achieve Dreams".LifeWorks is written by John Ingram Walker, M.D., director of Psychiatric Education at Carilion Clinic Saint Albans Hospital. He has the following advice;

In establishing goals, keep these guidelines in mind:

• Goals should be for you and not for someone else
• Goals should be realistic and believable
• Goals must be achievable,so attack big goals in short steps,one at a time
• Goals should allow you to enjoy life - don't tackle so much work that you don't
   have enough time to relax

Follow these steps in making your goals useful:

Write your goals on a single sheet of paper and read them every day. Remember, unwritten goals are simply wishes. Forgotten goals are lost dreams. Review reinforces commitment and successful achievement depends on your commitment to your goals. So focus your energy by asking yourself daily: "Am I doing those things that will help me achieve my goals?"
One more thing...dreams are not always written in stone. As you change, change your goals to meet your dreams. Life is a trip. Directions and destinations can be altered. But with goals set, you will seldom be lost.

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