Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back To The Migraine Grinder

More than a month ago I started a journey with my father in-law who was seeking a lung transplant. My week with him at Duke went rather well for me physically. I went the whole week without a migraine problem. My father in-law did not have a good week at all, with all the testing as well as a complication that had him admitted for two of the five days.

We recently found out that he has been denied for the transplant. This is a stunning blow for him. There is no actual cure for pulmonary fibrosis, but the transplant held promise for a somewhat normal way of life. Now he knows that he will be tethered to an oxygen source for the rest of his life.

He doesn't show it, but you know that he has to be depressed. I know that knowing about his condition has contributed to my depression. Contributing to my depression has also been the fact that I have had five migraines in the last two weeks. WHAT is going on? I had so much stress in Durham that I felt run ragged. I didn't much chance to stop or slow down. Typically stress like that would have put me down immediately. There just hasn't been stress like that since I've been home, but the attacks have made me feel like I have been run through a grinder.

We must remember that depression can wear us down as much as any other disease. Sometimes it may vary as to which is our primary illness. Depression is a disease as well. And, you may struggle with depression even when your migraine or other disorder is not prevalent. Check your medications to ensure that you are taking them properly and make an appointment with your doctor if your medications seem not to be working or your condition changes.

So far, I am riding down the same road as before. The same grinder has hold on my life. Thanks to everyone for the prayers.