Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Decrease Migraine Down Time

Who wouldn't prefer a natural remedy for their migraines? Here are five life changes that could naturally reduce the number of migraines in your life. The practice of  living a healthy lifestyle is difficult if you try to take it all on at once. So, adjust one item at a time.  Altering some bad habits may be what is needed to decrease the number and severity of  migraines in your life.

Using natural remedies may be more effective than over the counter drugs or hardcore prescriptions. Some of the medicines taken as prophylactic, designed to prevent migraines, may even lead to more migraines and unwanted side effects. The side effects can feel as bad as a migraine attack itself. By changing aspects of your life and the way you live can decrease the down days of most migraineurs.

Get More Winks
Everyone needs a certain amount of sleep each day. We each need to assess the amount we, as migraineurs, require in order to make it through the work week. It is very easy to get your days and nights reversed, when your body doesn't get enough sleep at night, or gets too much sleep during the day. Trying to make up for lost sleep is said to be useless and may set off another migraine attack.

Sweat More
Everyone can benefit from exercise. Those with migraine may need to work up a sweat as much as anyone else, in order to relieve stress triggers in their lives. The amount and type of exercise is different for each individual. A simple 30 minutes of exercise, three or more times a week, will definitely help reduce tension and stress in your life. Endorphins, released during exercise, reduce pain and inflammation in the body. A little sweat can go a long way.

Eat The Right Foods For You
It's one thing to say, "Eat right", but the right thing for one person may be harmful for another. Eating breakfast and having meals regularly are good for you. Some foods may be a migraine trigger. Foods like bread and other sources of wheat glutens, citrus, onions, aged cheeses and meats, and processed foods may be triggers for some migraineurs and not for others. Take the time to test your diet for triggers and stay away from foods that cause you to have an attack.

Watch Your Drinking
Watch what you drink and drink more water. Soda, tea and coffee are diaretics and can cause dehydration. Water is a necessity of this thing we call life. It seems so simple, yet is very hard for many to get enough water. The amount of water you may need to drink is suggested differently by different sources, but it's very difficult to get too much water unless you are drinking a bath tub full. Migraine attacks can cause dehydration. Dehydration may contribute to the migraine cycle. I've never heard of someone 'drinking' too much water.

Manage Your Stress
Stress is inescapable. Almost every moment presents some kind of stress. We need to learn to walk away, or deal with the stress in our lives. Learning to manage stress is one of the best ways to decrease the number and intensity of the migraines we endure. Try reading, meditation, moderate exercise, getting enough and the right kind of rest, and eating a balanced diet to reduce stress in your life.

Making life changes is difficult. It requires focus and discipline to make changes that become habits in our lives. Keep your perspective by looking at your changes one day at a time and carry them out every day. These changes may not be a total migraine cure, but they can only help to manage them in your life. If any of these suggestions eliminate even a small amount of down time, wouldn't be worth it?


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