Thursday, February 5, 2009

Migraine: Hibernate on Groundhog's Day?

I missed Groundhogs day! I was holed up in my bed, suffering through another migraine.

Groundhogs are one of the few mammals that enter into hibernation. This is true, also, of Andy "the migraineur", who has been known to burrow deeply into the dark caverns of the bedroom or even a closet, to escape from the sensory overload and pain. To migraine sufferers like me, the dark burrow that we create is sometimes our only refuge from the outside forces that seek to harm us.

There is actually research into human hibernation. The true science is called H2S induced hibernation. In 2005 there was research done with mice in which they were put into a state of suspended animation. The mice were subjected to this procedure for 6 hours and showed no ill effects. Later attempts to replicate the procedure with larger mammals were not as successful. Maybe they should have used someone suffering migraine or cluster headaches.

It was suggested that "life Tivo" might be a great way to live life when you want, in an article posted in the newsgroup,, in 2005.

"Tivo for life - This is an extension of the time travel idea - sort of
fast forward when you want, live life when YOU want. Let's say you're a
basketball fan but hate the rest of the year - beep, beep, beep. Treat
the boring parts of life like one big commercial. Live life on YOUR

If only I could. I would fast forward through each and every migraine. The downside would be that I would be Tivo'ing through half of my life. But the upside would be that I would not have missed ... Wait, in order for this plan to work, I would have to hibernate my family and the rest of the people in my life as well. Otherwise we would also miss half of their lives. Oh, wait again, I already am missing half of the life of my loved ones. I guess time travel isn't all it's cracked up to be, unless it could truly be like Tivo. Speed me up to the end of the migraine and leave everyone else in real-time!

I want
Migraine Tivo !

I guess I'll have to create this new invention. With my new invention I would not ever have to hibernate and miss the living that the rest of my family experiences. Migraine Hibernation would be a thing of the past.