Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Migraine; Behind The Shades

The "monster" is close. You can almost feel him behind you, waiting to strike at any moment. Up ahead you sense a bright light directly crossing your path, like a black cat seeking calamity. You know a fight is near, so you go into your cave. The shades are drawn (but the rest of the furniture is real).

No, really.
This is an over dramatized situation but to some, it is almost reality. Everyday migraine sufferers live with a monster on their back. Everything they do must be weighed against the possibility that they are going to have another migraine attack, and light might be the trigger.

Many migraineurs are susceptible to light causing a migraine. Whether it is the sun while driving a car, the florescent lights at work, or a flickering television or computer monitor at home.

Here are a few ways to reduce light induced migraines in your life;
  • Wear polarized UV glasses which block the glare of the sun or headlights as you drive at night. Using very dark shades at night is not suggested, but wearing shades inside and out during the day may help.
  • Wear a hat with a dark brim is another method of cutting glare to your eyes. This is much the same as an athlete putting black under his eyes.
  • Wear a darker shirt. White or lighter colored shirts reflect light, and reflected light that can cause eye strain. Try wearing light gray or darker shirts that absorb light.
  • Put your sun visor down and adjust the driver side mirror slightly to the left, when driving at night. This will help prevent headlights attacking from behind. The visor helps if you tilt your head up when an approaching car has their lights on. 
Use the shades to decrease or lessen your migraines. Tell us if you have additional tips.