Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Migraine May Steal The American Dream

The American Dream has been stolen from many migraineurs and those with debilitating invisible Illnesses. This illness has snatched our ambitions and desires. It may take charge of our lives.

An illness like migraine disease or other invisible illness can take our desires and aspirations to go as far and as high as our spirit and character could take us.  Some of us have forgotten how to dream – or never learned. Others may just watch others build their dreams and think it's impossible to have what they have. Impossible to have their own dreams.

Some of us walk around saying, "How can I dream when my illness has such a grip on me? Who's able to dream when my life is so overwhelmed with pain or other disability? We surrender our dreams for many reasons. Whatever the cause – whether it be physical, social or psychological – only a small number of people know how to dream big.

It's really sad, because of the potential we limit when we don't allow ourselves to have dreams. No matter what or who has caused us to withdraw from our dreams, each of us has the ultimate responsibility to decide to dream again. Our desires determine our destiny in life. Make yourself a written list of dreams. Not the dreams of others, the dreams for your life. Create your own vision statement in order to allow yourself to grow. List your dreams and create a summary of who you want to be.

We all want the American Dream, but we'll never make it, unless we allow ourselves to dream. Take a little of that precious time when your pain eases and make a short description of who and what you want to be. Don't be afraid to dream that someday you will be unburdened by your illness. Start with the small ones and work your way up. Let yourself be all that you can be and don't let your illness steal your American Dream from you.

What are your dreams? Care to share? It helps to write them down, so that they may have a real chance and are at least penciled in.


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