Monday, August 8, 2011

Migraine Sandwich

I've had many types of sandwich over the years. One of my favorite restaurants being Macado's, a sandwich shoppe with a location in Radford, VA. I very rarily find a sandwich that I don't like. But there is one sandwich which never fails to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. The migraine sandwich is always bad news.

How do you make a migraine sandwich? Well it's not made with your hands, and is something that eats at you at the end of the week.

Start by taking a thick stale slice of a Friday migraine headache. The kind that starts out slow and steady. It creeps in slowly, with a slight hypersensitivity to light and sound, and then threatens to change your plans for the weekend. After letting up, late Friday night, too late to allow you to enjoy the evening with your family, the main event kicks in early Saturday.

 The weekend makes up the meat of the sandwich. Saturday you wake up in severe pain. The sirens in your head are blaring non-stop. The worms in your stomache are swirling and rising, any light at all stabs your eyes like shards of glass. You can't talk and your face contorts to a sagging mask of pain until Sunday morning. Sunday comes and goes unbeknownst to you. You've spent the day with your hands balled in fists that beat at the air. Your head hurts so badly that you feel like hiring a hit man. All day hiding away in bed with the sheets and covers, and a cold wet rag covering your head.

Monday comes with the after shocks of the weekend and adds the bottom slice to our sandwich. Tired, sore, and discombobulated you do your best to get out of bed and shower. Drinking a full glass of water in one gulp, you start your day, albeit very slowly. All day long a heavy funk follows you around but, it decides to let up about bed time. Going to bed seems like an extreme case of dejavu. The sandwich is complete.

Of course no one wants to endure the migraine sandwich. Unfortunately it happens to all too many of us migraineurs. The stresses of the week add up and even though you work so hard to stay away from all your migraine triggers, The hangover makes your recovery slower, but hopefully doesn't ruin the rest of the week. I think that I'll stick to the real bread and meat at my favorite restaurant. Give me a Macado's Flyer any day!