Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Not Funny, But I Have to laugh?

Migraine's are not funny. But, laughter is good medicine. So, are these people actually healthier because they force themselves to laugh?

It seems to silly to think that forced laughter may actually make us healthier, but how many times have I faked a laugh only to begin laughing for real... A few, I'm sure.

Has anyone really died from laughing too much? I do know you can laugh so hard it hurts. But, at the same time it feels good to laugh that hard. I recently, was read a story that put me on the floor gasping for breath, and I might have suffocated if my friend had not stopped when he did.

But, I didn't get a migraine.

Is there a joke in here somewhere? I'm not feeling very punny today. (:{) ... Oooh, that was bad.