Saturday, February 21, 2009


What a lovely day I had. Sarcasm. I went to a concert on Thursday evening where David Wilcox was the headliner. This was my fifth time to see him in person. I think that this was the best performance I have seen him give. He has a new album coming out in April, and I can hardly wait.

I had started the day with no pain at all. Zero, zilch, nix, nine, nil, nada. No pain. My day progressed and I felt confident enough to mark this status on my blog, and on twitter. My friend and I got dinner on the way to the concert, and we were the first one's to enter the venue (a narrow, but long room seating about a hundred fifty people). All was right with the world. What a great concert it was. I enjoyed every minute of it. Well, almost.

Everything seemed just peachy, when suddenly my nose was overwhelmed by some woman's perfume, from a couple of rows behind me. She may as well have been in my lap. I was unable to do anything, as the cloud enveloped me. I couldn't move. There was nowhere to go.

I told myself over and over again, concentrate on the music. Concentrate on the music. And, I was trying to do just that. David was having fun on the stage, not just performing by rote (as if he would). I was laughing, and crying (all at the appropriate times) until the lovely funk caused my neck muscles to go slack and my head fell forward as the piercing pain began.

I pulled my pill box from my pocket and took a Zyprexa, but it was too late to stop the pain. Here I was listening to one of my favorite artists, while sitting on the second row, and suddenly the dream was squashed. My migraine shadow overcame my perfect day. I stayed seated, listened as best I could, but the beating in my head nearly drowned out the music. My only luck was that he was nearly finished when the trigger was pulled.

Friday morning, I awoke with a full on Quasimodo headache, AND A COLD. A twofer. My head ached, my nose was running like a sieve, and my throat was full of slime. I ended up giving myself two DHE shots through the course of the day. I also took some Dayquil to attempt relief of the cold. I hardly left my bed all day.

Today, was much better. My migraine limited itself to a dull roar, and the Dayquil kept most of the cold symptoms at bay. I'm going to bed early, and I pray that tomorrow allows me to wake up fresh and pain free. Good Night.