Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fighting the blues

It's been three weeks since my last post. I've not been ill with the flu or a cold. My headaches haven't even been that bad. I wish I could say that I felt so good I didn't have time to write for all the fun I was having.

Truth is I have been depressed. My new migraine medicines seem to be helping, as I'm having 50% good and bad days. Opposed to 100% bad I was having before my migraine clinic stay at the end of January.

So, why do I feel so blue? I wish I knew the reason. I am usually very optimistic, and one of the first to tell (or help) others to look at the bright side. I'm having a difficult time practicing what I preach.

Why can't I shake this depressed feeling, when I am doing everything I usually do and having success in fending off the migraines. Maybe, my antidepressant is being counter-acted by the new migraine meds? I'll have to discuss this with my doctor this coming week.