Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chronic Pain or Migraine Hangover

I am at this very moment lying in bed trying to muster the energy to get up. This is a situation that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. Chronic pain can zap your strength and motivation to get out of bed, to take a shower and get dressed, to go to work or just strike a lick at anything at all.

I had a migraine last night that forced me to go to my third tier option for relief. A 1mg/ml shot of Dihydroergotamine. You know I'm feeling pretty awful when I will willingly stick myself with a needle. This morning I have what I call a migraine hangover. I have tension in my head that I wouldn't quite call a headache, but is still uncomfortable, and my body feels like it has been wrung through the ringer. But I'm not alone. Every chronic pain sufferer has days like this.

You may feel like you have been ridden hard and put away wet, but you still feel strongly that you have to get something done. You still want to be productive. For these times you need to be prepared.

I personally, try to keep a few things handy on my nightstand so I can reach them when I have just enough strength or when my brain will not let me rest. So I typically keep the following items on my night stand in my migraine lair.

- A small journal or note pad.
- A pencil, a pen, and even a highlighter or two (different colors of course).
- Magazines or books to read.
- Reading glasses (I'm to the age that I have to have them).
- A small wattage desk lamp that can be adjusted to point in any desired direction. Don't use florescent because of the flicker if you are sensitive. If you want to live greener, use halogen.
- A bottle of water.
- Maybe a bedside radio, ipod, or the remote to the TV if you keep one in your bedroom. (for those that are not sound sensitive)

All of these items can help you do something productive, even when you don't have the strength to get out of bed. You can start a shopping list. Make list of the non-typical things that need to be done around the house (for later of course). Use the pad to sketch
(I make dream house layout plans), to put down blog ideas, or even write letters you would normally not have the time for or would forget about.

When I read, I dog ear and highlight catchy phrases, or technology or other information I am interested in remembering when I feel better. The music from the radio may boost you spirits and/or your motivation. The same for the television. But if your sound sensitive, these may not be your best choices.

You may just need to sleep or rest, and that is OK, as well. Having these items and others of your own choosing, just gives you options, for helping your mind when your will is to tired to stand for itself.

Wow, I feel better. I just completed a blog post from the comfort of my bed!

-- Posted By Andy From His iPhone (shameless technology plug)