Friday, March 27, 2009

Migraine: The Use of Botox

Dr. Silberstein is currently my Neurologist. I have been traveling, once or twice a month, from southwest Virginia to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia to see him. I asked him early on about the botox trial, and was told that my migraines were too complicated for that treatment to be used on me.

I guess I have always been complicated. I have had a rhinoplasti, oral surgery, and a crainiotomy in attempts to overcome my migraines. All to no avail. I sometimes get depressed when I see an article or video about a trial that is being conducted in which people are having success, at not only managing their migraines, but eliminating them altogether. I am truly happy for those finding relief, but I struggle with the jealousy in my heart, that they can return to a normal life, and I am still stuck in this nightmare.

I pray each day that not only will God heal me, or help the doctors find a cure, but also to remove the jealousy from my heart. I have confidence that one day I will be totally without pain or the threat of it. But, I know that this may not happen while I live in this body.