Thursday, April 16, 2009

Migraine: It Runs In the Family

It has been a tough week. I have been beaten upon by the migraine monster since early Sunday morning. This morning I woke up in pain, but as the day has progressed I've been left with the hangover.

In addition to my in uneventful loss of a week, my oldest daughter spent her week being poked and prodded in an attempt to diagnose her headaches. In January she had four wisdom teeth removed. Since, she has had an onslaught of headaches that are almost certainly a type of migraine. This week saw her getting blood work, a CT scan, and an EEG.

Since many migraine experts say that migraines are hereditary, the odds are not in her favor for these occurances to be isolated. My hope is that her headaches will be short-lived. If they are not, I'm hopeful that my experiences can at least help to find a way to manage her monster.

-- Andy