Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 Ways to Avoid Computing Pain

Avoiding neck, back, arm and wrist pain is important when spending time at your computer. Keeping a clean work environment is one of those things that can help your mood as well as your aches and pains. Many of us are guilty of building up a mess on our desk. Not having to work around objects, paper, books and other stuff makes it easier to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

I am probably as criminal as anyone for not following these simple rules.

  1. Your desktop should be organized so that frequently used objects are closer to you to avoid excessive extended reaching.
  2. Use a headset or speaker phone to avoid neck and shoulder discomfort if you use a phone frequently throughout the day.
  3. Place the phone on the side of your non-dominant hand (i.e., left side if right-handed, right side if left-handed)
  4. Position your desk lamp (if you use one) so that it illuminates source documents without causing either glare on the computer screen or direct illumination to your eyes.
  5. Use a document holder if you refer to documents while computing. The document holder should:
  • Be stable and adjustable (height, position, distance, and angle of view).
  • Support your document on either side of the monitor.
  • Be at the same distance from your eyes as the display screen to avoid frequent changes of focus and you should be able you to look from one to the other without moving your neck or back.