Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reduce Eyestrain While Blogging

Wow, sorry for the interruption in these posts. My service provider went down and I am only now getting back online. This has disrupted my life more than anything other than an electrical outage.

Eyestrain can be a big problem, when working on your computer for long periods of time. It is important for me, a migraine sufferer, to be careful and not cause any more problems than I already have. My light sensitivity means that I REALLY have to be careful.

Use the following recommendations to reduce eyestrain and eye fatigue:

  • Close drapes/blinds to reduce glare.
  • Adjust lighting to avoid glare on screen (light source should come at a 90 degree angle, with low watt lights rather than high).
  • Avoid intense or uneven lighting in your field of vision.
  • Place monitor at 90 degree angle to windows (where possible).
  • Reduce overhead lighting (where possible).
  • Use indirect or shielded lighting where possible.
  • Walls should not be painted with a reflective finish.
  • Use a glare screen or monitor shield to reduce glare from overhead lighting.