Friday, June 5, 2009

Craniotomy After Glow

I awoke in the ICU, after my craniotomy, very confused. I think part of my confusion was the fact that I was alive. I don't know why I had resolved to accept that I might not survive the surgery. I guess I was prepared to get rid of my migraine pain, no matter what it took. If it took, the Lord taking me home, then so be it.

I was also confused by the sterile and stark nature of the room, I woke up in. I honestly didn't know for some amount of time, if I was alive or dead. Morphine can do that to you.

It turns out that the surgery went extremely well. The neurosurgeon was able to remove the cyst. When they happened upon the AVM, unprepared to repair it, they cauterized it on both ends with the thought being that it would be absorbed by the body over time.

Neurosurgeons obviously spend a lot of time in school to learn their craft, but I submit that they should also get their beauticians license, if they are going to shave your head before surgery. I had asked if I should shave it before going to the hospital, and was told by my doctor, that he would take care of it in pre-OP. I awoke post-OP with my entire head shaved, except for a baseball sized circle on the side of my head, where it had lain on the table. I felt like a monkey with a fez. It took several embarrassing days before the staff would let my wife shave the tassel off.

Needless to say, my post surgery after glow was not very endearing. My face appeared mottled yellow and blue, I had a long zipper (stitches) from the center of my front hairline around the hairline to my ear, a black eye and a fez. Yes, I was on the road to recovery.

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