Saturday, September 26, 2009

Heroes fighting Invisible Illness

Old western movie heroes have come to symbolize good over evil. The hero rides up wearing a white hat and vanquishes the villains, both seen and unseen.

In my life, I fight a thief everyday. My nemesis is called migraine, but others battle a dark shadow of invisible illnesses that may be called by many different names.  These villains are sneakier, uglier, more wicked, more ruthless, and more barbaric than any portrayed on the stage or screen.

Often it feels like we are fighting alone with no doctor, nurse or cowboy, wearing a white hat, who can provide a resolution that will truly end our suffering.

Those of us fighting an invisible illness, should realize that we are the unsung heroes. It can take everything we have or own, and it can take every fiber of our strength. But, we should never give up. We have to behave and believe that the evil can be overcome. Believe that we can overcome the darkness in our lives. Believe that we can love and be loved.

So, fight. Fight even though the odds may not be in your favor. Fight to live your life. Take advantage of every good moment in your life to share your love with others. Make the good days your focus and not the invisible. Living a normal life means dealing with all problems the world throws your way. Make the most of every moment you are given.

One of my favorite artists, David Wilcox, wrote the song "Show the Way". Take a listen and I hope it gives you hope.

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