Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Invisible Illnesses; We Know All But The Cause And The Cure

I had a nice 'little' conversation through Twitter and email with a new friend last night. She is looking for help with her migraines and I hopefully gave her some good places to start this part of her migraine journey. Part of what I told her was this;

There is a relatively very short list of people who are experts in our disease. Whether it be migraine, Fibromyalga, or another Invisible Illness.  In most cases, we may know more about that disease than the people who are treating us.

There is no doctor, counselor, or other medical person, who is working on our cases 24/7 for us, except us, as individuals.  We each need to learn as much as we can, and each take the helm and tell the docs what you know, want and need. We need to gather as much information about our symptoms as possible.

We are the only ones who can be responsible for our medical treatment. In other words, We are the ones with the pain. We are the ones that know everything about our illness except, the cause and the cure. With better documentation and directed information in the right direction, we can help our care- givers help us.

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