Thursday, January 7, 2010


Seems I live a life (of or in) 'between'. I do live a life, only it seems to be in shorter spurts than that of others. A life in between migraines. Between pain and the dread of it returning. Between migraines and depression. Between sickness and health. Between, in bed and going back to bed.

This isn't a life that is just between me and my family. It is between me and my hobbies, my friends, my work. Between prescriptions, doctors visits, and clinics. Between enjoying time with family or friends and the inability to stand. And, I live between hopes. The hope of life without migraines, without living in a cave, without taking handfuls of medications, without wearing sunglasses day and night.

It is a life between us, the millions that suffer from migraine disease. It is because of the 'between' that I live my life, write this blog, share my story and share information that I find useful. But, let's not keep it between us. ;)

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