Thursday, February 4, 2010

Light Headed

We have had snow on the ground for weeks. That is unusual for southwest Virginia. Oh, the glare! Migraine sufferers know what I mean. All that snow reflecting light. It hurts even if you are not a migraineur. Light or glare is definitely a migraine trigger and makes one feel even worse. That is why I live in a cave.

There are ways to cut the glare and save your head. The first is obviously sun glasses. It is important to wear polarized UV glasses which block the glare. I wear mine all the time. I wear mine day and night, in Walmart, when I'm driving, when I'm fishing, and when I am out shoveling snow. I have friends that have never seen my eyes!

Wearing a hat with a dark brim is another method of cutting glare to your eyes. Black absorbs light, while white reflects it. This is why athletes put black under their eyes when playing sports. We would look even more ridiculous than wearing sunglasses at night, if we blacked our eyes. Wearing a hat or visor (who wears visors any more?) can help prevent more light from reaching your eyes.

A third way to diffuse light and prevent glare is to wear a dark shirt. White or lighter colored shirts reflect light, and hence can create a glare that can cause eye strain. I'm not saying to wear a black shirt all the time, but wearing a gray or even a tan shirt can make a big difference. It is amazing how much of a difference this simple clothing choice can make.

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