Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Mere Shadow Of Myself

The last couple, three, weeks have been very eventful for me. My migraines have been persistent throughout. In addition, I had a very bizarre appointment with my pain doctor.

I woke up that morning with some pain in my left chest and back.I  really was sure that it was not heart related. But, really thought that it was muscular. Well, I went to my appointment and the nurse did the usual weighing, blood pressure and heart rate. I then told her about the pain I was having. She told me to sit still while she got the doctor. My blood pressure was pretty good, 123/72 and I didn't ask about heart rate.  Dr. Brown came in rather quickly and started asking questions, poking and prodding. He then said that he didn't want to take a chance that I could be having a small heart attack.

He then sent me to the ED to be tested for heart problems. I was then EKG'd, X-ray'd, CT'd, and gave them some blood to work on. To make a complete afternoon, from 11 to 4, story shorter, let me say that all the test's and scans came back showing no problems. Enzymes were normal as well.

So, in addition to my Quasimodo style migraines, I am fighting some muscular chest pain as well. Head pain, and helping care for my mother and father in-laws have sequestered the majority of my time. I have poked my head up a few times but, I have been unable to spend any significant time at the computer and my blogging. And I haven't been unable to exercise to increase my energy and lose some weight.

Please keep me in your prayers this week, as I travel with my father-in-law to Duke University where he is being given testing to see if he is eligible for a double lung transplant. If all goes well he will be put on the transplant waiting list. He has asked me to be his primary care giver which will occupy the majority of my time for the next few months.