Friday, February 19, 2010


I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

[kat-uh-wom-puhs] Adj. - askew; awry

Who doesn't feel this way at one time or another? Anyone who knows me, will say that I'm always a bit askew. I'm always a little off center. But lately I've been feeling especially lopsided. I recently switched some of my medications in order to see if different meds would help my migraines. Unfortunately, they did not and the side effects made them especially non-friendly. That increases the depression and can make us want to give up. But, there is hope out their for us.

Most migraine sufferers are guinea pigs. (This is a personal opinion and not a proven fact) No one that I know has ever found the right medicine for their migraines on the very first try. Even doctors say that there is no telling which medications are right for each patient.

"The good news is there are many good preventive medications that have been proven to reduce migraine frequency. The bad news is there's no telling which medication works for which patient. The bad news also is that preventive medications don't completely eliminate migraine attacks," said neurologist Dr. Werner Becker, one of the authors of an article written by doctors at the University of Calgary and published Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.  Read more of the article.

I can't remember how many different medications I've tried. I can say that I have gotten some relief from my current regimen. But I still remain hopeful that I will someday find a cause and solution to my pain that will allow relief from the 3 or 4 migraine days a week, I am currently experiencing.

Know that finding the right medicine or combination of treatment is an individual thing and can take years. Don't give up hope. Your not alone. Myself and others feel your pain. It might just be that we have to feel catawampus for a little while longer.

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