Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How To Live In A Cave

It's dark. It's lonely. It's safe. Living in a cave presents itself as an unwanted necessity when you are living with migraine. Having a dark place to hole up when you are in pain can help you make it through another day. A cave need not be underground, made of rock, damp, or full of bats. A cave should be a warm, dark and safe place where you can attend to your needs during a migraine attack.

Prepare your cave in advance;
  • Make sure the curtains, blinds, what have you can be drawn to darken the room as much as possible.
  • Have icepacks at the ready to be pulled out of the freezer when you need them. (These are best placed on the back of the neck or forehead. Icepacks may be better than hot, because they help the blood vessels to constrict and lessens nerve inflammation.)
  • Have a place to lie down.
  • Keep a bottle of water beside the bed.
  • Have your favorite pillow ready. (I recommend a buckwheat pillow.)
  • Have your abortive meds at the ready.
  • Keep anything else you need for comfort in an easily accessible place. (You don't want to have to look around to find the things you need.)
Having a place prepared for your comfort during a migraine attack is very important for helping deal with the migraine monster. Prepare ahead of time to limit the amount of time it takes you to get comfortable. 

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