Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Putting On The Brakes

I spent the morning at the automotive shop with the v-dub (VW Beetle). I love that car. It's a 2002 Turbo S with a Porsche body kit. Yeah, I know, nice. But since it's made to be a sportscar with the suspension and all, I drive it particularly hard. The brake warning light has been on for a couple of months, but I was waiting till March to have the brake job done at the same time I had it inspected (I know, I just barely made the March deadline). I knew that putting on the brakes would be an expensive endeavor. But, I was prepared and the final cost didn't surprise me too much.

So, I was having a great day. This is nice, since I have had a migraine for the last 7 days. The sun is shining, gentle breeze. Temperature in the mid to upper 50's. Such a beautiful day. At least until the last hour. I had gotten the car inspected and brakes installed, and went grocery shopping. I was starting to plan several projects to complete today. I felt vibrant and energetic.

Suddenly, the monster is back! I should have known not to go from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds, but I like to drive myself as hard as the v-dub when I am able. After spending the last few days in pain, I should have known that I needed a slow day to transition back to (normal)? Now I'm sitting here squinty-eyed, feeling the stabbing pain in my forehead and nauseous. So for now I am putting on the brakes. I'll rest the remainder of the day and will hopefully feel better tomorrow.

P.S. We are not allowed to count our own bug when we play beaver cleaver.

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