Friday, April 2, 2010

Bang The Drum

My son and his friends have been meeting in my basement to play music together. They came to me last fall and asked if it would be alright for them to put the drum kit down there and meet once a week. I told them that I was not opposed to them playing in our basement and that I would survive if I had a migraine during their “rehearsals”.

They probably met four times. With the weather we had this winter and other conflicts, they just did not get together as much as they thought they would. Now, each is busy with more things going on. Between school, work, and significant others, they find it hard to schedule a time that works for all of them.

I guess that is fine with me. I only had a migraine one out of four rehearsals and was able to muddle through. Today, a couple of them came to remove the drum kit. I am feeling great, the weather is great, and I helped them transport the kit to the car. My son, was getting ready for work, and the other two and I moved the kit to the car. There was this awkward moment when they all just looked at each other and said, “Well, see ya later.”

I should be happy. I should be banging a drum of my own. I’m feeling great today, and I won’t be living with an acoustic drum kit that threatens to be beaten on a weekly basis. But, I find myself feeling a little sad. I feel like the kids were beaten by some invisible force, or by time and tide. I hope they find some other type of outlet that allows them to let the world know they are alive. May we all have a chance to bang the drum.

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