Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tired Of Being, An "Interesting Patient"

I've been a migraineur since 1981. I've been to so many specialists that I have run out of fingers and toes to count them on. I have tried so many medicines, homeopathic remedies and diets that I could (not should) write a book. 

So, today, I visited one of my primary care physicians (PCP's) to get new scripts for my current diet of drugs. After the usual barrage of questions and comments. After discussing ad nauseum what I had and had not tried in the past, and as she handed me my check-out paperwork, she told me that I am an interesting patient. She told me she could not believe that some doctor had not taken my case and really explored and hence solved it.

I should be grateful that she takes the time to 'really' talk to me. I did smile, as I agreed and apologetically told her "the only person in the world that cares enough to work that hard, is me. No one person, other than myself will ever work on my case 24/7."

I am constantly doing research, as are many of you. Everyone I talk to has heard of a cure, most of which I have tried. I know it's out there. Diligence and hope is what keeps ME going. Keep the faith.


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