Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Invisible Illnesses Make It Hard To Be Seen.

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Had a hard time getting up this morning, because the 'invisible' was holding me down. The average person has no idea of the struggle each and every day between us, the non-average, and the 'gravity' of an invisible illness. We're told from a young age that we can't fight gravity. How unfortunate is it that what falls down does not necessarily get up.

You can finish a day strong. Lie down feeling great,  and have candy coated, cute and fuzzy dreams. Only to wake up with the pain from an invisible enemy that constrains your every fiber to the darkness of the cell you call your room.  Both eyes are kept closed and, opened slowly, one at a time to evaluate the state of the planet. Ears perk to listen over the constant ringing, to the beginning sounds of the day. Limb by limb, the determination is made as to the chances of making it the 10 steps to the bathroom and the possible start to a new day.

It's just not fair that so much work is needed to get up and attempt a normal life. Not fair when the moon and sun seem so effortless in their rising and falling circle that is the very essence of life on our planet. There are so many 'invisible(s)' in 'our' spheres, working hard against the gravity of living life on two feet. But, we must push on, each and every day. Thwarting the foe that would have us forgo the life and feats that have been given us by our creator.

Living is bittersweet, with the prize given to those that toil the hardest. We must strive to be seen by our families, our friends and the rest, in our all and sundry, to bring these invisible illnesses to the light of day. Get up each day, even if the time is short and share this life with someone else.

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