Monday, October 26, 2009

Twitter for Health; Just What We Need.

We are many things. We are women and not women, affluent and monetarily challenged.  We are all the colors and all the theologies of the world. We are leftist or right wing. We live above and below the equator.  We have as many differences as there are differences. Yet, we are the same.

As different as we can be, some of us are the same. We are computerized, have cell phones and email etiquette. We are literate, hooked-up and up-to-date. We may live alone or with others, or both. We may be all these things or none of them, but we are friends.

Our friends are the online-others that share our problems, that notice when we’ve been missing for a couple of days. They reach out to us when we are in agony and pain. Send us hugs and prayers when they are needed most. As friends they sometimes don’t know our face, have not heard the sound of our voice, or know where we call home. But we care for each other.

This is what Twitter provides us. This is what we want and need. Friends to share with, cry with, laugh with, and with whom to commiserate. Friends to share information, support, ideas, symptoms and successes. To our Twitter friends we will never, only be an Icon, an Alias, and an Ailment, no matter how we feel.

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