Monday, April 5, 2010

Dream A Little, Dream!

A chronic illness is a monster that tries to take everything away from you. It will take your job, your family and friends, your whole life, and even your dreams. We don’t want to lose any of  the things that we hold most dear in our lives . But, one of the things we give up most easily is our dreams. When we submit to the monster and don’t allow ourselves to dream, we give up our future. Only you can allow yourself to dream again.

Our dreams change, as we change in our lives. It is important for us to expand our dreams. Important to plan and organize our dreams in order to have a life. A life filled with purpose. Someone who has dreams, looks forward to each new day. Bountiful dreamers are “fulfilled, productive and enthusiastic”, says John Ingram Walker, M.D., director of Psychiatric Education at Carilion Clinic Saint Albans Hospital.

In the winter 2010 issue of Carilion Clinic’s LifeWorks Dr. Ingram stresses that “If you've lost your dream, resolve to change now. Expand your vision. Open your mind to unlimited possibilities. Learn to dream again. Success and fulfillment always begin with desire. As you reflect on your dreams, be certain you're using your own measuring stick, not your mother's, father's, wife's, husband's or friend's. What do you want out of life? What's important to you? What are you about?”

You can have a life of plenty by planning and organizing your dreams. Define your dreams and you will have the motivation to fulfill your life. Go ahead and dream a little. Then dream a lot. Let your dreams give you the energy you need to fight your chronic illness and don’t let go of your dreams.

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