Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't Be Late

We live with our illness every day. It is so easy to give up and let the migraine or other monster grind us down to nothing. I write a lot about depression, because with long-term illness comes depression. It can hamper our lives in different ways, most if not all of which are never good. Depression can take control of our lives emotionally and physically. Don't take a belated approach to knowing the symptoms.

Some Emotional Symptoms Include;
  • Nervousness - in situations that appear to be normal.
  • Feeling hopeless - at not being able to control our illness and our emotions.
  • Fear - of having another attack or of losing the battle with the illness.
  • Guilt - for feeling weak enough to let an illness control our lives.
  • Being withdrawn - from the people we care about most in our lives.
  • Loss - of interest in our favorite activities.
  • Irritability - can hurt our relationships with the ones we love and care for. We can strike out at others when we are really having problems with ourselves.
  • Mood swings - going from one mood to another rapidly and sometimes without reason.
  • Thoughts about death or suicide.

     Some Physical Symptoms Include;
    • Gaining weight - for no apparent reason.
    • Weight loss - without trying or no apparent reason.
    • Constipation - that lasts longer than may be usual.
    • Crying - at the smallest things or nothing at all.
    • Loss or increase in appetite - not finding anything you want to eat. or eating everything in sight.
    • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much.
    • Decrease in libido
    • Poor self esteem - not secure in your self-worth.
    • Problems at work - that may suddenly arise without warning or apparent reason.
    • Memory impairment - causing you to forget important dates or events. 
    Take control of your life. If you have any of the symptoms listed above you should seek a medical professional immediately. Many chronic illness sufferers not only have to contend with migraine, fibromyalgia, etc., but also with the possibility of depression. Don't be late in asking for help.

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