Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today, my blog hits 100. That's a hundred posts since I started in 2008. Not the best post rate possible, but pretty good I think. I have done a lot with design layout and widgets, but quality of the content has been my major concern (I hope you agree). From the first post Migraine: Beginning or End, I have been on a journey of understanding and hope.

My blogging was sparked by a radical change in my life and my wish to begin a dialogue with other people in a similar situation to my own. I have made many new friends online. Almost all of which I have never met in person. Maybe only a couple of which I would recognize if I passed them on the street. But, friendship does not require these things. It does not require that I know everything about my friends. My post, I Hate Migraines shows that we can share feelings and emotions against the plight of suffering migraine and other invisible illnesses and that these shared experiences bring us together.

I have shared stories about myself. Puppy Noses and several others, convey the need for the ability to cull some humor or positive from even very painful situations. I also have shared experiences and feelings that draw on the dark side of having a chronic illness in posts like Living With Migraine Is Work, in which I discuss the effects on our personal lives and the ones we love. And, Dancing For Rainbows, tells the story of hope, which is something that all of us need to keep in perspective as we battle our illness.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I hope that someone, somewhere, can find support and/or answers to questions provided by my life and my blog. Thank you for being a friend and sharing your input, for giving me uplifting advice when I've let my guard down against the monster. Being friends is about sharing experiences and giving support when needed. Now, as I set out towards two hundred posts, I thank you for being a part of my life. It's what we share that makes us friends.
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