Monday, November 15, 2010

The Canvas

Think of our lives as very large canvas. The Lord is the painter with brush in hand. Sometimes He is meticulous with His strokes and the color must be "just so". Other times, He lets the paint run and mix with other colors. He has the final product in His head. He knows how it will look in the end, but he doesn't want to control every nuance of the piece.

The canvas is so large the we are only able to see the tiniest of pieces. These pieces of the mural are so intricate that it is impossible to understand even our part of the masterpiece. But we try.

We try to understand the brush that causes our illness. Albeit migraine, fibromyalgia, or another invisible illness, the canvas is to intricate to fathom. All we can do, is live this "complete" life to it's natural fruition. Let the Master be the painter. Know that in the end everything that you have accomplished, everything that has happened to you or through you will eventually be a part of the canvas and the masterpiece.


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