Thursday, May 19, 2011

Living With An Invisible Illness Is WORK

Living with an invisible illness like migraine is WORK. I believe that the fight myself and others have is as hard as any 'real' job in the world. In order to keep our sanity, balance, ability to get life done, and not fall overboard is a job. It's very difficult to make the people in my life understand that my invisible illness is real work every day. Even on the days that do not appear to be affected by migraine.

Too many of us know the frustration of having to prove our illness in some way to others with a minimal understanding. The angst of continually trying to explain the reasons why we are not able to complete, a typically simple task at this time, due to the monster storm that is brewing under the surface of our facade. This illness feels like a sinking ship, the deck slippery and going down fast. It's a fight just keeping our heads above water as we watch our lives going down in a swirling sea.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world cannot see the waves crashing over our heads or the water pulling at our feet. Our foothold on a slippery deck that wrenches at us everyday. Each day "our work" may be simply making it through the day. The sinking ship that is everyday life, and keeps us human seems impossible to right. But, we hold on to our life preservers; the loved ones at our side. And, keep trying to reach the rescue boat; which is the thought of a normal life. Don't give up, because we all can reach the warmth and safety of a rescue. Somehow, somewhere, there is a solution to our individual pain and we all need to keep searching to find our own safety. Keep the hope in your life.