Monday, March 14, 2011

Migraine: Are You On The Rebound?

Rebound! I’m not talking basketball or relationships. I’m talking headaches. I know that the consequences of using analgesics is the possible occurrence of medication overuse headache (MOH), but when one headache lasts for nearly a week, it is very difficult to go that long without taking something for the pain. It is very hard to break the cycle when you have chronic headache and the very medication you need can cause chronic headache.

I went years taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like they were candy. I was on a constant roller coaster from one headache to another, till the pain was too great and I would require a trip to the emergency department. I finally learned and quit taking any over the counter pain medication. This alleviated the rebounds, but didn’t end my pain. Without the addition of rebound headaches it was much easier to pinpoint some of the triggers in my life.

I had to learn the hard way, to mix it up. Mix the different pain management techniques, so that mind and body do not become dependent on just one specific technique. I stir the pot, by using different things at different times. I encourage others to guard against rebound headaches by mixing up their pain management game plan. Basketball metaphor intended.