Friday, January 30, 2009

Migraine: Aching

The following is a poem that I wrote some time ago to describe some of the sensations of having a migraine and dealing with it. Tell me if you find any of yourself in this writing.

Silence broken by a siren
Pounding at my ears.
Driving darkness closing in
Soliciting my fears.

Confusion drumming at my thoughts
Rattling it’s beat.
Pounding down, it
Pins me to my seat.

Helpless to the forces
Gnawing at my strength.
Aching from the torment
And it’s awkward length.

Fighting back, I scream aloud,
As I am prodded by the fright.
I concentrate on memories
To form a new insight.

Complete control awakens now
And stands up to inspect.
It reaches in, removing stress,
Putting calmness in effect.

Stretching soul and limbs,
Shaking off the pain.
I total up my strength
To start the cycle once again.

-- Andy Honaker (1984’ish)