Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Migraine: It's All About Attitude

Today is my birthday. My first thoughts were that 47 is not one of those special birthdays you celebrate with gusto. Then, I began to think that I was glad to have another, and not have left off at 46. So, today is my BIRTHDAY!! That kind of makes me feel better about this day.

I was given a copy of a newsletter over the holidays and told I should really read it. Yes, it was my wife who thought enough about me to keep sticking it in places I was sure to find it, and later directly in my hand. This newsletter is not published online anywhere that I can find, and it is such good information that everyone should get the chance to read it. The author is John Ingram Walker, M.D., the new section chief at Carilion Clinic Saint Albans Hospital in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Please take time to read this article and leave any comments you may have. I have saved it as a .pdf file, so you will need Adobe Reader to open it. It is worth every second of time you give to it, I know, as it took me four weeks to finally get the hint and read it myself.

... My poor Wife.

I can make my life better in 21 days. My first step has been to quit calculating the scale of my headache and to start calculating the scale of my life. I am doing this by ranking my day, not by the level headache that day (4 out of 10), but by ranking my day as a 6 and knowing that this is a better than average day.

Today is my birthday, and it is a 10!!!

Click either image to download the PDF version.