Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Migraine: Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

I was thinking of naming this post “Stick me with you best shot”, but I decided to “stick” with the original Pat Benatar song title. I am sitting in my hospital room, suddenly asking myself “What is it you wanted to say”? I have a “point”, but I’m not sure how I want to make it. So, I’ll just fire away...

I wanted to travel a different path than what normal or abnormal, I don’t know, would think about the use of the word “shot”. I like the context of the lyrics of this song, even though it has anti-love overtones. I like to look at another way. For me this 1980’s hit is in the same stratus sphere with the Theme From Rocky.

I recognize that my opponent is tough, and there may be billion reasons why I shouldn’t or couldn’t win the fight. But I put myself out there and see what happens. I may not have won the first 27 rounds (the number of years that I have been plagued by migraines), but I am not going to give up. I am taking the fight to the enemy. I just spent six and a half days in the headache ward at Jefferson University Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

I live in Southwest Virginia, and there just aren’t any really migraine knowledgeable medical practitioners any where near me. No offense to anyone I may have overlooked. Over the years, I have been to Duke University, UVA Medical Center, The Medical College of Virginia, and all without resolution. I took a bold step and reached out to Dr. Silberstein, with JU, as he either is or was the president of the American Headache Association. After a few months of out-patient care, we jointly decided to give in-patient care whirl.

I returned (not quite home, as I am staying with very good friends just north of Baltimore) yesterday, having been without that Gorilla sitting on my back for almost 3 days. To me, this is near the miraculous, since I haven’t had three good days with no pain in almost a year. Much less three in a row!

I have hope today, that I haven’t had in a really long time. I’m not blind to the possibility of having a headache any moment, but I not living in fear of that moment. I know that I am strong enough to take the blows and to continue to come out swinging. Well, I’m a real tough cookie myself.

...You come on with a come on, you dont fight fair
But thats o.k., see if I care!
Knock me down, its all in vain
Ill get right back on my feet again!

Come on hit me with your best shot!

P.S. I will spend some more time real soon, documenting my treatment at the hospital. I want to give a shout out to all the Doctors, patients, and especially the men and women nurses and assistants working the floor. I really appreciate the care you gave to me.