Friday, April 3, 2009

Migraine: Subdural Remedy May Help

I have seen a couple of different stories about subdural implants to control nerve function and pain. Several months ago, I saw a story about a man in Chicago and how the Mayo Clinic had inserted an implant to control the firing of nerves, which helped him to regain the fine motor skills he had lost due to head trauma and migraines.

I couldn't find that particular story online, but I did find this story. I think it may be relevant to me, due to the fact that the patient had a head trauma that caused the start of his migraine headaches.

My family jokingly, but lovingly, sometimes calls me "Head Trauma Honaker". I like to play as hard as I work. I always give 110%, even if it means diving in head first. I have had many head traumas and concussions during my 47 years. One particular occasion ended with me falling about 20 feet from a tree and landing on the left side of my head. I never felt dizzy, no nausua, no blurry vision, just a stiff neck, so I didn't go to the hospital. This trauma may actually have aggravated my condition, because after that my migraine frequency and pain levels increased several fold.

I had brain surgery to remove an arachnoid cyst in my left anterior temporal lobe in 1999. I had been telling my doctors for many years (with pinpoint accuracy) the point of origin of my migraines. It turned out that was exactly where the cyst was.

Brain surgery is never easy, no matter what the procedure. I recovered enough to go back to work in about four weeks. I don't think I have ever fully recovered from it though. Maybe a subdural transmitter might be something that would help me. Maybe not.

I do know I would prefer it to the "clapper" that my wife wants to have installed. She wants to be able to clap her hands and have me turn off or on, at will. I don't agree with this procedure.