Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Migraine; Par For The Course

I've had a rough week. It started alright, but by Thursday, I was sporting the scowl of a migraine. By Friday, it was a grimace and on Saturday, it turned into a full quasimodo migraine. Left eye drooping, slurred speech, and loss of motor control on the right side, were Par for the course.

I have been having three to four migraine days a week since the end of January. A whole bunch better than the seven a week for the eight months before. I have also been blessed in that, the severity has been less than before as well.

When I told my mother that I would be there for her, during her back surgery this week, I prayed that my migraines would let me see that promise to fruition. I needed to be there, six hours from my home, on Sunday. So the Saturday ringing of the bells of Notre Dame was more scary than usual.

But, God provides! I woke up Sunday, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and drove the six hours (a little less due to prevailing winds) with nary a sign of quasimodo. Today, makes four days in a row; migraine free. I am feeling good and confident that I will be able to stay that way for as long as my mom needs me. Praise the Lord.

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