Friday, November 13, 2009

Living And Working To Regain Our Lives

Unfortunately, the rest of the world cannot see the waves crashing over our heads or the water pulling at our feet. Our foothold on a slippery deck that wrenches at us everyday.  Trying to determine if "our work" is for the profit of regaining our lives or simply making it through the day.

No matter how hard it is to overcome the unfortunate bad days forced upon us, by an invisible illness, we must keep our balance. Even if the center of gravity is changing at a daily rate. Work is work, whether you travel to and from work outside or inside the home. Gain is gain, whether it be money or satisfaction. We must learn and teach others about our strife and successes. Our work, even if only to get out of bed each day should be counted as profit. Regaining our lives requires hard work. One thing we each can do to help ourselves, is to keep a diary/calendar to note the weather, possible triggers, and pain levels of each day.

Keep the faith.

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