Monday, November 16, 2009

Life Filled With Love

Everyone, I know, looks forward to the Holidays. Maybe not the in-laws, but definitely the Holidays. ;?)  The Holidays... and the ones we love.

We take this time of year to celebrate achievements and to honor Love.  We choose this time of year to to be with the ones we hold dear to us, the ones we love. It's a fact of matter; Everyone wants to be loved. We all need to feel we matter to those that matter to us.

The fact is, that the hardest person to love is yourself, but the key to finding love with others is to have a healthy self-love. As victims of an invisible illness, it can be easy for us to forget to love ourselves. Sometimes we feel as if we don't deserve a life filled with love. Sometimes our illness takes the love away from us.

We should use the Holidays to welcome love, and show our love to those in our lives. They deserve it, and so do we. Even the in-laws (or out-laws as I jokingly refer to mine).

The October/November issue of LifeWorks, discusses that finding the love for others means wishing them well, as we wish ourselves well. Some of the ways to "find the love" include:

  • Treating others the way that we wish to be treated
  • Praising honestly and sincerely
  • Saying "Thank you"... a lot
  • Smile... a lot
  • Encourage others
You can find more ways to find "the love" by reading the article by Dr. Walker, director of Psychiatric Education at Carilion Clinic Saint Albans Hospital at this link.

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