Friday, November 20, 2009

Under The Bubble

I hate it when my face feels like it's pressed behind glass. The pressure that makes my head feel like it's in a vice. That's what the quick weather changes do to me. Especially when a cold front blows through.

Changes in weather are definitely a migraine trigger for me and others. It's the most devastating trigger that I have, because you can't change the weather and no matter where you go, they've got some.

If only, we could live under a bubble! Since we can't control the weather, maybe we can control the "atmosphere". Here are a few things that I do, when the pressure is too much;

  • Find a nice dark and quiet place to lay down.
  • Use ice-packs on the base of my neck, to relieve neck and shoulder strain.
  • Meditate to relax as much as possible. 
  • Grasp those moments of bubble time. Hold onto the little time that you have, without the pain.
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