Friday, December 4, 2009

Down Side Up

Is that snow I smell? Could be a reason to smile even though the Pansies seem to frown. If it's just cloudy, then my mind thinks "dreary". If I think, "I saw a snowflake!", the sky brightens automatically. I guess it's all a matter of attitude and semantics.

Breezy is better than windy. Brisk is better than cold. And, it looks like snow is better than cloudy. Our feelings are declared by our vision. If we see something in a positive light, we feel better about it. Flip it over and look for a positive on the bottom. An up side usually exists, if we have and can take the time to look for it. So, to brighten my day, I turn the down side up, and look for the fresh lining.

It's snowing somewhere, and today's weather is quite snappy. I feel better already.

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