Monday, December 21, 2009

Here Comes The High

High pressure that is!  I could feel the pressure starting to change last night. I eventually had to take some pain medication before I went to bed.

Sure enough, I checked the weather radar this morning and a high pressure area is heading my way. Temperatures are predicted to rise over the next couple of days. This means rain and/or sleet in lieu of snow. But, it also means an increased chance of head pain. I stopped using DHE in November, so all I have (in addition to my daily mexiletine) is loratab and compazine to use at the breach of the pain and normalcy.

Now there is a misnomer. What is normal any more? I can't say that any part of my life and especially health has anything to do with normalcy. But, I guess it really is only business as usual, and my usual is three to four headache days in a week. I should be happy with the last six days in which I had a brief respite. Here's to 'normalcy'.

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