Thursday, December 10, 2009

Know Your Medications

As a chronic illness sufferer, I have several different doctors. One for this, one for that, one for something else, etc. Each one of my doctors asks me on a regular basis, what medications I am taking and for what I am taking them. I have learned that each time I am prescribed a new dosage or new medication, I ask what for?

There is no one person who is keeping up with my medications as closely as I am. I know this, because each doctor asks about my prescriptions. They don't 'always' get the information from each other.  Actually, my healthcare system is just getting practitioner offices linked into the network, so that they can look at test results on the computer. But, I still ask my doctors about any reactions to or between medications

We are the one who has supervision responsibilities for our medications. We are the only people concentrating on our medicines and the only ones who know the reactions on a daily basis.  We must keep an up-to-date drug list with all the medications that we are taking and be able to tell doctors about any of the side effects that we may be experiencing.

When filling out forms for doctors, don’t just list the medications that have been tried;

•  Also list the dosage and duration of each as well as the side effects experienced while taking them.
•  Offer an updated medication list to your doctors on a routine basis. And don't forget to ask what a medication is used for, and any possible side effects.

•  Go online to research each medication's purpose and possible side effects. Keep track of any side effects and report them to your doctors immediately.

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