Friday, April 16, 2010

Easing Migraine Hangover

I'm going to get the hangover, there's no way around it. I just can't go from 0 to 60 like I used to be able to do, as a younger man. The migraine lets up and I feel it sitting on my shoulder ready to pounce on me. Any movement of my head causes stiff muscles to ache, some light headedness, and sometimes pain.

I feel better. The stabbing pain is gone. No nausea. I almost feel human. But, if I try to hit the ground running, I only invite the monster to attack me that much sooner. I have to treat my retreat from the pain as a prize that I want to keep as long as I can.

To do this I need to treat the hangover that follows the migraine. The first step in accomplishing this, is to drink plenty of water. I know that my migraine leaves me dehydrated, and I have to replenish the liquids in my body. I will sometimes (when I have it) drink a Gatoraide which returns electrolytes back to your body. Water is the best medicine.

I need to rest. It feels so necessary to launch into the new day like a rocket. I feel so much better, with the weight lifted from my head. I want to pursue my normal life. To return to work, my chores, my hobbies. But a period of rest really does help prevent the subsequent return of the migraine.

I have to take my time and keep away from all my migraine triggers. Even the least amount of glutens, onions, or even bright light can start the pain all over again. I must take precautions to prevent the return of the monster.

Preventing the premature return of a migraine is very important to each sufferer.  Taking in plenty of fluids, resting, and avoiding other triggers can ease the pain of the migraine hangover and allow for the easy transition into normal life.
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