Monday, May 3, 2010

Do You Have Drug Interactions?

Do you have any interactions between your prescription drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements? Prescription drugs are common and most of the interactions are known by your doctor. Similar drugs, vitamins, and supplements can be bought over-the-counter and no one may be there to help you find interactions between them all.

Some drugs just shouldn't be mixed. Sometimes we know what these are and sometimes we do not. A reaction may be mild and hardly noticeable to having deadly consequences. It's always a good idea to check for interactions between your medications, especially with over-the-counter varieties.

You should always ask your doctor about possible interactions with your prescriptions and any over the counter substances you are taking. He or She may know or have access to this information through one of the professional medical databases. Or they may not.

There is a website that may be helpful to you. MedHelp provides several tools for helping those with chronic pain to manage different aspects of their lives.
Going to, will provide warnings of negative interactions between your medications, supplements and even various foods. Simply select two or more drugs from the extensive database. The site will display a warning if the interaction could be harmful.

Please know that this recommendation is not paid for in any way. I came across this useful site and felt that others in similar situations would be able to get useful information from it. As with any information provided for free, you should note the providers of the data and act or react accordingly.

In addition to providing a drug interaction tool, the site also provides tools for tracking pain, weight, moods and more. I found that most of the tools are easy to input your information by clicking a box. You can modify the charts and graphs to your liking and you can customize your pages to the color scheme you prefer. There are many options for types of information that each user may track. You can share the information with a community or keep it to yourself.

I rate the overall usability of the site as a 8. This is a very good rating for me, as I am usually hard on interface designs (having over 20 years of professional experience in interface and information technology design). Tell me if you have other ideas, or other useful sites for tracking personal information.

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