Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Up!

Get Up!

I've been laying in bed all weekend. The family went out of town and I chose to stay behind. So many things I could have done and now those opportunities are wasted. Many times, it's not just the chronic illness staking claim on my life, but the depression it leaves in it's wake.

I lay awake all night, unable to sleep. The same as the night before. It's so warm like hugging arms and too comfortable to leave. I lay awake all night thinking about the past and what I could have done. I lie in bed all day dreaming better times ahead. And, I'm not the only one that lives this way.

It is so easy to let the illness take my life if I let it. Easy to write about it, to tell myself not to let it shape my days. So easy to give in and let it all go by(e). And, easier still to make excuses for it. Easy to make decisions that don't include my participation.

It's hard to make the choice to get up out of bed. Harder still to bring it to fruition. The strength it takes to bear this weight and keep it from holding me down seems impossible. But it's not.

The simple fact that I recognize the depression means I have the means I need to fight the darkness that covers me in bed. Strength is purpose. Purpose used to fight the pain and fight the misery. If I use the same amount of strength to fight them both, I can win the struggle. I may need to fight the depression harder than the pain. If not impossible, improbable that my illness can be overcome without beating the depression.

Ways to help overcome depression;

  • Exercise, even just a few minutes of stretching can help build the strength to go for more.
  • Setting goals can help to get over the hump. Even setting the goal of staying out of bed for an extended period of time.
  • Getting out of the house for some fresh air. It's addicting and better than that stuffy old bedroom.
  • Smile, a lot!
  • Listening to music can tame the savage beast. I've copied the lyrics and given a link to a song on iTunes, that touched me where I live.

Get Up ~ Nik Kershaw

It's dark in there and you're quite unaware
That the cracks on the ceiling are mocking you
Your airless bag, your dust in a shaft of light
And you think you might
Yeah you might stay there all day

Get up, get on your feet
Get up, don't go back to sleep
Get up, life is bitter sweet
And it's all going on without you

You're safe in there, no sharks anywhere
Not a soul to get you doing what you don't want
Go on pretend it's Sunday again, it's Sunday again

It's so warm in there, feels like life cannot bear
All the things you'd do if only you had the energy
You bargain for just ten minutes more of this
When a prince's kiss
Turns you into a swan
Dream on

Get up, get on your feet
Get up, don't go back to sleep
Get up, life is bitter sweet
And it's all going on without you

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