Wednesday, August 24, 2011

25,000+ Migraine Views

Today, I have hit a milestone. I think 25000+ views of my blog is pretty special. When I started in November of 2008 I was very discouraged. I had the belief that "all you have to do is build it and they will come". Well, anyone writing a blog today, knows how funny that is. It takes a lot more than building it. It takes advertising through Twitter, Blog Surfer, and Facebook, just to name a few. This means that not only do you need to write (and write well?), but you need to do marketing as well.

Writing is a skill that is hard to master. I am not a natural writer. Before this blog the only things I wrote for myself and not a class, were poems. I started writing my blog, thinking that there weren't too many good resources of migraine information available. That I could provide information from my own experiences in a light or funny way and fill a niche. While I have written some posts that I feel met my personal expectations, I think that sometimes I write too deep. Well, at least it comes from the heart.

Accurate and reputable resources were very hard to find at first. There were a couple of good sites and blogs back then and now there are many more valuable sites for finding good straight information. Now there are migraine news sites that report in accurate terminology and are readable, insightful and relevant.

I have a much better understanding of blogging and still think that I can provide information that encourages my readers. Blogging between migraines can be a challenge, but I have found it totally invigorating for me. Thank you to all my readers. I hope that I that I am able to continue providing a reason to return and maybe for a different point of view.  Take a look below right, for a list of some of the blogs I read. Thanks again!