Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Setting My Personal Goals

I am adamant about setting my goals for my life, so I set myself up in my blog. As I shared in my post, Goal Setting Tips, I am sharing my goals as I make them and hoping that others will take this challenge to sit down and set goals in their own lives in order to reach their dreams. Today, I am working on my Family, Spiritual and Personal Goals.

Our personal goals are those outside of our career path. They often have to do with family, friends and personal growth. In order to set these goals I need to list specific objectives I want to achieve in:

1. My Relationships
2. My spiritual life
3. My leisure time

It's best to focus on activities and the amount of time and effort you want to give to these activities. It's important to be reasonable and live up to your plan. Take the steps - not leaps - needed to meet your goals. So, today, I am focusing on goals for my relationships.

My Goals;

I. My Relationships
   My family and myself are slighted of time we spend together due to my
   migraines. I want to make sure that any reprieve time that I have is spent with
   my family and friends.

  • I want to become closer to each member of my family. Even when we are all home, it is difficult to plan time together. At any moment plans may be scuttled due to my illness. A migraine usually means that I go to bed and the family goes on about their business without me.
    • I will spend at least one hour a week with each immediate family member that currently resides at home. This does not mean that is all the time they get, but rather that in addition to smaller amounts of time spent together, I intend to spend at least one hour of one-on-one time each week as they are able.
      • I will work with each person to plan our time together. Examples of time together could be walking, going out to eat, exercising together. Or my serving them in some way such as back or foot massages.
    • I will take time (several times per week) to call, text and/or Facebook my daughter and son who are currently away at college.
    • I will call my parents and my brother at least once a week.

    • I want to cultivate my relationships with my friends. My relationships with my friends has suffered due to my chronic illness. I don't see them very often, and when I do they don't know what to say to me. My friends have all but stopped calling to invite me to ball games and other functions.
      • I will find ways to communicate with my friends via phone,email, texting, Facebook, church  and local activities.
      • I will attempt to spend time with one or more of my friends at least once a month.

    If you have suggestions for things that could be added to this portion of the outline, PLEASE feel free to send me your comments. My next post will examine my Spiritual Goals.

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